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Jacksonville Acupuncture Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

At the suggestion of my significant other, I decided to give acupuncture a try for on-going hot flashes, which I continued to experience post-menopausal long after hormone replacement meds had been discontinued.  I still had as many as 6 a day… the most annoying being at night with the accompanying sweating, etc.  After the very first treatment and starting some herbs, that number was significantly reduced to 2 or 3 a day and continued to improve dramatically through the course of the next 6 weeks.  What was very helpful, as well, was the increased awareness of what foods and drinks were exacerbating the situation.  Mary was quite helpful in explaining why all of this was happening and working with me towards making it better.  Having also dealt with scoliosis and back issues my whole life, Mary’s acupuncture targeted relief in this area as well.  Thank you, Mary


I began to see Mary 10 days after my first chemotherapy infusion. I had suffered miserably from the side effects for about a week (exhaustion, stomach/GI distress, headache, brain fog) and hoped acupuncture would help decrease them for the next ones. My results have been AMAZING. Mary did 4 treatments before my 2nd infusion. After my second infusion, I only had 2 difficult days (very tired, some stomach distress). I recovered well and had 2 very good weeks up to my next infusion. During those weeks, Mary adjusted my treatments based on how I had responded. We also added an intervention that I did at home to help with my energy (K3). After my third infusion, I had NO major side effects. I had a day where I took a nap and went to bed a little earlier than normal, but other than that I have functioned normally. I have every confidence that my body will tolerate my next chemo infusion equally well. I have high hopes that acupuncture will also help me go through radiation with minimal distress. Acupuncture has been the best addition to my treatment plan. Thank you, Mary!



Mary Romaine cured my pinched nerve in my neck and my back pain. I’d had both for 2-3 years, off and on. After the first session, the neck pain was better and after 3 sessions, completely gone. For my back it took a couple more sessions and taking Chinese herbs and my back pain is history. I appreciate Mary’s commitment to her work and being free of neck and back pain for the first time in a couple years or more. Thank you Mary! –  T.D. Jacksonville (Mandarin)



I was diagnosed with scabies. I had seen 6 doctors and 2 dermatologist over a period of 2 years and 4 months. I threw away all my clothing, and would have to buy clothes daily. After moving 5 times, soaking in the bath tub for 2 hours daily and still having outbreaks all over, I was on the end of the rope. My sister wanted me to see another doctor which I laughed. She had to drag me to see Mary Romaine who saved my life! Just after two weeks there was much improvement! After a month I was healed, and two months later I still am. I can’t thank you enough Mary Romaine! – Jacob Johnson, Jacksonville, FL



When I moved to JAX on a whim last summer, I was highly stressed and very afraid. I had almost zero security, and was struggling to find my place in the world post-grad school. Despite an MBA and being trilingual, I was full of a lack of purpose, fear of failure, and pressure from others trying to put my life in a box…

I found Mary online before I even moved, and knew that I would reach out to her once in Jacksonville. I’m so glad I did. After one visit, I had a peace that i’d not felt before. I honestly could NOT stress! Nothing bothered me. No more fear. No more worry. I went about my days with a mental silence…no more “Monkey Mind”. Mary even sat with me to help me begin to sort out key pieces to my puzzle. She evaluated my diet, and even showed me how to test the energy of foods, and if they would be right for my body! To top it off, she gave me an additional referral for added to support, providing me with confidence in the path i’d chosen.

A year later, I now live in Orlando with a PERFECT job (yes, it exists), i’m healthy, and I made it through lots of turmoil. I honestly thank Mary Romaine for her words of care. I’m a believer in the power of acupuncture, and in Mary’s heart. – DM



“I extensively researched Acupuncture before I chose Mary. Her education, experience and training far surpasses others in her field. When I found her in April 2012, I was in constant daily pain from severe injuries I sustained in a car accident 6 months ago. In fact, walking, sitting, and standing for more than a half hour was agony, even 4 months later. According to my MRI’s, I had multiple herniations, bulging disks and impingements all the way down my neck and back. The good news is that I still had two disks intact. My orthopedist offered injections and pain medication, both of which I rejected for numerous reasons including addiction, masking the pain, and long-term consequences of steroid injections (arthritis). After my response, he suggested physical therapy followed by my regular exercise routine of yoga, biking, and treadmill. I tried his suggestions, but they only further aggravated my pain. I pursued chiropractic manipulation, but that left me in even more pain. In hindsight, I should have listened to my body and not tried to push through the pain because it only hindered and prolonged my recovery. The only things that provided any relief were massage therapy and rest, but I was still working full-time through this ordeal, so that was not much of an option for me. ”

“I told my story to many friends and several suggested acupuncture. I admit that I did not fully understand how or why it worked, but I was open to what it had to offer. I had a total of 5 sessions and started feeling relief after session 2. In fact, during the second session, I felt a cool sensation in my lower back that felt like an ice pack and the sensation lasted many hours afterwards. Sessions 3-5 provided even more progressive relief which allowed me to sit and stand for long periods of time without pain. I am now in the 6th month of my recovery and have found an excellent Physical Therapist who is building on the progress I achieved with Mary. The PT is focusing on exercises that strengthen my core which aid in stabilizing my spine. I would not be this far along in my recovery if not for Mary. Acupuncture really works and does not hurt at all. In fact, I fell asleep during all of my sessions. I can’t explain how acupuncture works. Similarly, I can’t explain how Tylenol works. I only know that acupuncture encourages lymph and blood flow circulation by affecting the nerve endings, which reduces pain and inflammation in the body. It takes a long time to recover from soft tissue injuries. However, I share my story and my success with Mary to offer encouragement, direction, and support to those who face similar challenges in their recovery efforts.” – LH, St. Augustine



“I am so fortunate to have found Mary Romaine. My husband and I had just experienced a miscarriage and had been trying to conceive again for about 5 months when I started seeing Mary. It took only 2 cycles to conceive once I started treatments with her. She has been such a blessing to our family! We now have a healthy, beautiful, active baby boy. I carried him to full-term. In fact, he was born the day before my due date. He could not be more beautiful (if I do say so myself). I know that my acupuncture treatments made it possible to conceive my son and carry him to term. Please don’t wait to contact Mary and begin treatments. There is no pain at all and it is one of the most relaxing experiences. I always looked forward to my appointments.” – MF, Saint Johns, FL



“I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Carol M., I’ve been an RN more years than I can remember thus I have chronic, low back pain. I went to Mary’s office on crutches the first day. I had two treatments and no longer need my crutches to walk. I’m very happy that Mary was suggested to me. I find her very competent, kind and empathetic.” – CM



“I was involved in a horrible automobile accident in June 1998 that left me with three herniated disks in my neck. Even after my broken bones healed, the disk problem gave me continuing pain. That fall, I traveled to Tokyo on the first leg of a two-week speaking tour in Asia. I stayed at the Hotel Okura, a fine traditional Japanese hotel in Tokyo. We noted that they provided acupuncture as a guest service, so I decided to try it. Although the ancient-looking lady who treated me did not speak much English, I was able to communicate the basics of my aches and pains. She treated me with acupuncture needles in my neck, shoulder, and back. Following that treatment and despite the rigors of changing countries every two days and giving speeches every day, I enjoyed the longest spell of life without pain that I had known since the accident.

Two years later, I was again at the Hotel Okura, but found that an acupuncture treatment from a younger, less knowledgeable woman had almost no effect. I have also tried acupuncture treatment with a practitioner in South Carolina, but it has not helped much.

In 2006, my sister-in-law introduced me to Mary Romaine. She has helped me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs on several occasions when my pain has flared up. Her background as a teacher and eight years of study of acupuncture and herbal medicine have made her a very helpful and holistic healer. I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking relief from chronic pain.” – MH



“Mary uses a variety of techniques to resolve issues. I have come to her with with specific aches including a bad ankle sprain and TMJ pain. She treated these with traditional acupuncture, more modern laser, and sound/vibrational tuning forks. Her treatments are focussed. I rely on her to keep me well.” – EH



“I went to Mary Romaine as my last resort, I am sad to say. I had given up on western doctors, they all said that there was nothing wrong with me. I wondered why I was in perfect health and felt so bad.I had felt this way for numerous years. I went to Mary and had acupuncture and she gave me herbs. I went home and within two weeks I started noticing that I had more energy and felt happier. Before that I felt tired when I got up in the mornings, my throat felt sore almost all the time, I felt blue, and had hot flashes almost nonstop. I thought I was going through menopause and had to suffer for 10 or more years with it. Mary knew immediately that the hot flashes weren’t from menopause. She thought they were from stress, and she was right. I did the machine and when I said I had had mononeucleosis, it seemed that miracles began happening. Mary treated me for that and it was amazing. I had had a swollen lymph node under my right arm for years, a really big one, and now it is almost completely gone. I hardly ever get a hot flash, and when I do, it is short and sweet. (o: I have a lot more energy and just feel better all over. A big thank you to Mary Romaine.” – MV



I came to Mary about 6 months after I had my lumbar spinal fusion surgery where rods and screws were put in my back to stabilize it. The surgery was a success for my back, but the soles of my feet were still painful with every step. (The soles of my feet had been hurting for 2 years every time I put weight on them.) My neurosurgeon didn’t know why my feet were still hurting and sent me to a foot specialist who suggested I have foot surgery that could possibly help the problem but he wasn’t really sure. I decided to try acupuncture instead and I found Mary on the internet. After one treatment with Mary, my foot pain was totally gone for 5 days – I was amazed! With my feet getting better with each treatment, she also wanted to treat my back around the scar from my surgery. The scar is no longer red and painful to the touch and I feel like myself again without any back or foot pain! And I know I wouldn’t be feeling this good had it not been for Mary and her dedication to helping people heal! I’ve never met a healthcare professional so absolutely dedicated to healing people than Mary Romaine. Thank you, Mary, for making me feel so much better! I’m a firm believer in acupuncture and Chinese herbs because of the wonderful healing I’ve had with you. I also need to add that my husband was diagnosed with bells palsy recently and the neurologist told him that it was a mild case and it would hopefully go away in a few months, but there was really nothing he could do for him. My husband went to Mary for two acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs and all of his symptoms were completely gone in 10 days! Acupuncture heals people, it’s that simple. You’re awesome, Mary! Keep healing people – you are so gifted at it – and we’re so thankful to have found you! – EM, Orange Park, FL



“I cannot thank you enough for your help, guidance and treatment for my depression and anxiety over the past couple of months. My turn around has been more than extraordinary. I never felt so much pain and discomfort over that time and credit your treatments for helping me heal and believe in the future. You were kind enough to recognize my situation when I first called and you came in on your day off for my first treatment. The anxiety was reduced substantially giving me hope that better days were ahead. With each treatment there was improvement and, looking back in what I went through and where I am now, I cannot believe the change. Experiences like this are never easy to get through, but with your help and healing, I truthfully enjoy each day more to its fullest and take nothing for granted.” – TH



“Over the past six years I have experienced many problems that the medical field either ignored or suggested that there was nothing wrong with me. The doctors would just look at me and tell me I was fine. My blood work showed nothing was wrong so they told me I was in perfect health. I knew I was not. I knew I was in trouble……I felt really sick. In August of 2008, I was very concerned about my health and about being able to continue my teaching career. I decided to try acupuncture to see if Mary Romaine could find something that the doctors were unable to find. Sure enough, she found plenty. After a few treatments I found many of my symptoms not only began to improve, but many disappeared completely .Now, I am able to teach and I am getting my health back thanks to Mary Romaine.” – JK (Mandarin)



“I had my arm amputated and was suffering from phantom pain. Due to the lack of weight that an arm would provide, my shoulder was frozen up to my ear. After two treatments with Mary Romaine, my shoulder returned to its normal position and my phantom pain was reduced by over 50%” — EH, from Fruit Cove



“When my daughter was in a bad car accident I took her to Mary Romaine immediately for acupuncture to treat the whiplash and her shock. The combination of herbs and acupuncture–plus the immediate care–cut her recovery period in half.” LV, from Fruit Cove, FL



“While fishing, my son got the tail bard of a stingray stuck completely through the palm of his hand. Poison Control told me there was no way to treat this type of injury. Using a variety of techniques, Mary had my son out of pain within 2 hours and the next morning, all the swelling and tenderness in that area was gone! When I called Poison Control to tell them about this remarkable recovery they did not believe me.” JU, from Callahan, FL



“Mary Romaine’s professional skills and compassionate manner were instrumental in saving my elderly mother’s foot when others wanted to remove it.” LB, from Jacksonville, FL



“I came to Mary Romaine because I wanted to try to get off of two prescription medications I had been talking for years to combat depression. Through a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I have been off the medication for over a year and feel better than ever.” JS, from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL



“Mary Romaine’s best gift is to empower the individual. While she has all this wonderful knowledge and skill, she never lets you forget, she is just a partner in your wellness. She encourages her patients and insists that they learn how to care for themselves, albeit at their own pace. That is her true gift as a healer.” LB, from Lake City, FL



“Mary’s treatments did wonders for my condition. After just 4-5 visits, the back pain that I had for over 10 years was gone, my migraines were gone, my stress level dropped, I had more energy and I was sleeping better. I’m definitely a believer in this type of medicine now.” TC, Jacksonville, FL



“I was diagnosed, by my western doctors, with ovarian cysts back in July 2006. They simply wanted to continue to “watch” them, to see if they would grow. Mary suggested we treat them now. I agreed and began to take the herb she recommended. In November, 2006 the doctor had scheduled another test. They couldn’t find anything in the right ovary and said the left ovary had been “resolved”. Of course, the doctor had no explanation, and no comment, when I explained that I had used the Chinese herb to resolve the situation. I specifically asked the doctor if we needed to keep an eye on the situation and she seems content to let it go. Mary, on the other hand, wants to find what caused the cysts to grow and how we can prevent the problem in the future. I’m so happy with her proactive way of dealing with health issues.” LB, Lake City, Fl.



“I made an appointment to be treated for anxiety by Mary Romaine when I saw how quickly she had eased and quelled my sister’s severe menopausal symptoms by using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. For years I have suffered from anxiety attacks, but now, at 50, they had gotten worse. After three acupuncture treatments and using Chinese herbs, I was noticeably better. I was happier, as the symptoms were eased by the treatments and herbs. She has given me the gift of restorative sleep, every single night, and I have wept with relief because of it. However, she kept encouraging me to see a therapist who specializes in trauma. She provided a referral from the start and I finally took the leap. I am on the road to a new life. I will be forever grateful to her and to God who works through her generous heart, mind and hands.”

“I suffered from carpal tunnel in my right wrist for many years. I spent many uncomfortable days and sleepless nights because it caused pain in my hand, arm and shoulder. I did not want to have the surgery for it because I knew it was not always successful. I told Mary about the shoulder and arm pain and with one treatment session it was resolved. The first day or two the original pain was gone but my arm was slightly tender. After that I had no pain or stress in my right arm, hand, shoulder & or wrist. It has been about six months now and I still have no signs or symptoms of the Carpal Tunnel and I remain pain free thanks to Mary Romaine.” VTS, Jacksonville, FL



“I have to thank Mary for her commitment and wealth of knowledge that pulled me through my battle withanxiety. I came to Mary about a year ago, desperate for relief from high levels of anxiety due to the stress of my job as a police officer. For three years prior I suffered from stress related illnesses; insomnia, heart palpations, fatigue, headaches, stomach problems, acid reflux, etc…all to which lead to high levels of anxiety. Just prior to my start with Mary, I decided to try the anti-depressants/ anti-anxiety drugs prescribed by doctor (after years of refusal). After about three weeks and trying three different prescriptions, I just could not live with the horrendous side effects. At this point I knew there had to be healthier journey for me. Through acupuncture, herbal medicine and proper nutrition I was able to re-gain a since of balance to my life (without prescription drugs). Mary has been an instrumental part in guiding me through this journey.” GG, Jacksonville, Florida



“In September 2006, I was rear-ended while sitting at a red-light. I suffered severe back pain and neck pain as a result of this accident. I was referred by my primary healthcare provider to a neurologist and chiropractor to manage my pain. For 4 months, I faithfully attended every appointment with my neurologist and chiropractor but I was still in pain. In January 2007, my PIP benefit ran out and according to my neurologist and chiropractor, my file was considered complete. However, I was still in pain. I was informed by the healthcare providers that the pain would be “long-term.” Frustrated with the prognosis and the idea of being in pain “long-term,” I sought the assistance of Mary Romaine. After 4-5 treatments, my back and neck pain went from a constant 9 (on a scale of 0-10) to a 0 after being in pain for a total of seven long months. The relief of this pain has allowed me to have my life back. At the age of 26, I am able to bowl again and work with little to no discomfort. I only wish I would have sought the help of Mary Romaine before seeing the neurologist and chiropractor. I thank God for bringing Mary into my life!” KK, RN, Jacksonville, Florida



“I came to Mary a couple of months ago after experiencing increased pain and swelling due to rheumatoidarthritis. I looked for an alternative treatment method after seeking traditional western treatments from rheumatologists who wanted to put me on typical arthritis medicines with a lot of bad side effects. After a few months of acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbs I am pain free, the swelling in my hands has gone down, and there are no bad side effects. In addition my latest tests from the rheumatologist show no signs of arthritis in my hands and my bloodwork has dramatically improved. I am now a believer in alternative medicine.” KB, Jacksonville



“My mother was experiencing severe pins and needles pain as well as tingling sensations. At one point, these pains were getting so bad that it weakened her. I called Mary and begged her to treat my mother on a Saturday morning, which Mary agreed to do willingly. After the very first visit, the pains and tinglings were reduced to half of what it was the previous day. With the combination of herbs and weekly treatments with Mary, my mother had improved greatly from her original condition. My mother still visits Mary on a bi-monthly basis to continue with her treatment plan until she is fully healed. Mary definitely has a healing touch and her very warm personality has a profound effect on making a person feel better quickly. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is looking for an Acupuncturist. Even though we live out of town, I would not hesitate to make the drive to Jacksonville to see Mary if I ever need to visit an Acupuncturist in the future.” BB, Daytona Beach, Florida



Jan. 2012 I fell at my home. The pain I had in the sciatic area was so bad I could not walk. I called my daughter for help. I am 92 yrs. old. She and her husband took me into their home and, after several unsuccessful visits with the physician, I received relief with Mary Romaine. After several visits, the pain in thesciatic and the frozen shoulder subsided. Thank you Mary Romaine. Howard Smith Jacksonville, Fl.



I came to Mary after having a major operation and was feeling really low. I felt like the fire in me had gone out and I was having issues with depression, even though I had been on anti-depressant medications for several months. Immediately after the first treatment I felt the veil lift! I have only received three treatments so far and I already feel amazingly better. My depression is gone and I have had the energy to return to and exercise routine. I feel like my future is so much brighter now and I am ready to face my day with enthusiasm. Thank you Mary Romaine! J. Porter Jacksonville, Fl.



I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism. When you told me to go back to the surgeon there is nothing I can do for you. Your words and such honesty made me call my surgeon. I had a cervical fusion and laminectomy on 4 and 5. In recovery, I had sensation in my fingers and no pain in my arm or shoulder. As for the neck, time will tell after I heal. Thank you again Mary I so appreciate you.
– KN, Jacksonville FL