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Selecting the Right Acupuncturist in Jacksonville for Pain, Infertility, Anxiety and Other Symptoms

Alternative medicine practitioners are not regulated the same way Western medical professionals are and therefore their background and experience level can widely vary. It is critical to determine a practitioner’s educational and experience level prior to seeking treatment. Any experienced healing professional should be more than happy to discuss their background in order to determine how they can best help you, the patient. Questions to ask include:


  • What is the Acupuncturist’s/Herbologist’s educational background?
  • Did they graduate from an accredited school?
  • What specific degrees and accreditations do they hold? Acupuncture? Herbology?
  • Separate or as a combined course of study?
  • What was the length of their formal/clinical practice in both Acupuncture and Herbology?
  • Are they Nationally Board Certified in their field?


Whether you are looking to resolve a chronic or acute condition, or just looking to maintain your current good health, I look forward to talking with you soon about your health concerns and ways Acupuncture can help you reach and maintain a state of wellness.